Does the us have any weapons for their own military?

Answer the answer is 5 hours because when we add the two secretaries the first one will be done typing in 6 hours and the other is 4 hours so if we add the two of them so 6 hours plus 4 hours is equals t... Read More »

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Is it just for the us to use military force to prevent the aquisation of nuclear weapons by nations that pose a military threat?

Assuming that the legal civilian government has directed them to use force, yes. If you are wondering about the political implications of using military force in that manner then a political forum ... Read More »

Do military police officers have military vehicles and weapons?

Yes, military police officers do have military vehicles and military weapons. However what equipment they use depends on what environment they're working in. If working in a normal base environment... Read More »

Where does the US military keep their weapons at?

Where are US military weapons made?