Does the type of food we eat contribute to anger or aggression?

Answer There are chemicals in foods that result in the hypothalamus sending messages to specific gland to secrete hormones that may have an effect on aggression, but most of this is due to other aspects o... Read More »

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Does Type 1 Diabetes cause really bad anger outbursts?

This unfortunately is the worse end of the spectrum for type 1 hypo's.You need to understand that although your mum is still in there she is unaware of what is happening.Once you have got some sug... Read More »

Food & Toy Aggression in Puppies?

Puppies may become aggressive over their toys, food, treats or other objects. This is a type of aggression commonly referred to as possession aggression. Aggression of any kind, while a natural ins... Read More »

How to Tell if a Dog Is Getting Food Aggression?

Some people have food aggressive dogs and don't even know it. Here are some ways to tell a dog has food aggression.

What type of behavior modification works for aggression?

There are behavior modification techniques that may be effective in treating aggression in dogs. It is important to address aggressive behavior quickly, in order to avoid continuing unacceptable be... Read More »