Does the type of box spring make a difference?

Answer On One Hand: You Don't Sleep on the Box SpringMattress sizes are standardized, so you don't actually have to purchase a mattress and box springs as a set. You sleep on the mattress, not the box spr... Read More »

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Does It Make a Difference What Type of Loan There Is on the Home?

When you go to a lender and ask for a mortgage you have a few choices to make. There is not just one type of mortgage, but rather many options that are suited for homeowners in different stages of ... Read More »

Can the type of speaker cable you buy really make a difference in the sound that's put out?

I wonder if all those who have replied so far apply the same logic to everything they buy "Don't spend a lot, they're all the same"So a £50 radio is every bit as good as a £250 unit, and a £9000... Read More »

Does the type of paper make any difference when using an ink jet printer for everyday stuff?

I use an ink jet printer on a daily basis and i just use ordinary photocopier paper.Most photocopy paper is universal now and works well with most machines.Just use a specialised paper when you wan... Read More »

What is the difference between a type 1& type 2 Indian head cent?

The difference in the Indian Head Cents is the back and composition of the coin. After the first year run of the coin, the mint used a different design for the back. The original design is known a... Read More »