Does the two party system for the presidential elections undermine us?

Answer On One Hand: Choices Become LimitedThe limitation of choices in a two-party system prevents voters from exercising their rights as fully as they should. The either/or system means that one candidat... Read More »

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What Is the Meaning of a Presidential System of Government?

The presidential system, also known as executive government, is distinguished by a singular figure who presides over the government by the will of the people. The president directs the administrati... Read More »

How to set up a party sound system?

Mason - Like with anything it all comes down to your budget. A pair of powered PA speakers like these will rock the party:…No sub needed.

How does the presidential primary work?

Every 4 years, the Democratic and Republican party organizations hold presidential primary elections in each of the 50 states. Through these primaries, voters help choose the two parties' president... Read More »

Does Guam vote in U.S. presidential elections?

The U.S. territory of Guam can vote to send delegates to each major party's conventions when choosing a nominee for president, but Guam residents cannot vote in the actual presidential election, ac... Read More »