Does the tornado fuel saver work?

Answer On One Hand: Fuel Tornado Has Been Independently TestedThe Electronic Retailers Association does not disagree with claims of better performance and gas mileage based on independent testing of Torna... Read More »

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Is the Tornado fuel saver worth it?

On One Hand: The Manufacturer Makes Attractive ClaimsThe Tornado Gas Saver uses a turbine-shaped device to concentrate airflow into a car engine's combustion chamber to atomize droplets of fuel. Th... Read More »

The Effects of a Tornado Gas Saver on a Vortec 4.3?

The Tornado Gas Saver is a device built by Tornado Air Management Systems and is designed to boost fuel efficiency in most vehicles, including GMC vehicles with Vortec 4.3 engines. The basic mechan... Read More »

Does the tornado air intake work?

On One Hand: It's a Good IdeaThe theory behind Tornado intakes is sound: Creating a vortex of swirling air in the intake can better dissolve fuel droplets in the airstream, leading to greater power... Read More »

How does a vacuum cleaner simulate a tornado How is it like a real tornado?

A Vacuum Cleaner is similar to a tornado because a vacuum cleaner sucks things up as does a tornado. Some people might say a tornado is God's vacuum cleaner.