Does the tornado air intake work?

Answer On One Hand: It's a Good IdeaThe theory behind Tornado intakes is sound: Creating a vortex of swirling air in the intake can better dissolve fuel droplets in the airstream, leading to greater power... Read More »

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Does the tornado air management system really work?

On One Hand: A Sound IdeaThe Tornado Air management system is an add-on to your car's air filter which its makers claim increases power and gas mileage. It is a straightforward install: simply remo... Read More »

Does the tornado fuel saver work?

On One Hand: Fuel Tornado Has Been Independently TestedThe Electronic Retailers Association does not disagree with claims of better performance and gas mileage based on independent testing of Torna... Read More »

How does a vacuum cleaner simulate a tornado How is it like a real tornado?

A Vacuum Cleaner is similar to a tornado because a vacuum cleaner sucks things up as does a tornado. Some people might say a tornado is God's vacuum cleaner.

How Do Intake Manifolds Work on a V8?

A throttle position sensor is an electronic sensor in vehicles that tells the car the amount of fuel to use. When it does not work properly and becomes defective, the car can experience problems. T... Read More »