Does the store Staples do CD labels and covers's?

Answer yes they do have the covers if you want to buy them at your nearest staples. The covers come in packs of:5,10,20,24,25,50,100. Also I think they can make binding for your lyrics booklet if you woul... Read More »

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How much does it cost, per side, to make b/w and/or color copies in-store at staples?

Prices start at $0.49 per colour copy and $0.10 per B&W copy (1-50 pages). The prices goes down the more copies you require though.Hope this helps.

Does staples give warranty on items?

Yes, Staples do sell warranty's on almost anything electronic that they sell. Unfortunately their warranties (unless for computers) only cover mechanical failure on the device for an extra year pas... Read More »

Does staples have a free photo scanner you can use?

some staples lets you scan and print paper for 10c, not sure about your staples, but the one in my area lets you scan pics into a pc and copy into usb for free, and print for 10c

Does staples still give money for old ink cartridges?

staples, gives money for thier tapes but in differant 'way, now if you bring you cartridges, they'll a credit it to your card.3.00 for each tape, no credit , no problem they'll sent coupon within t... Read More »