Does the sony walkman s 540 use head phones?

Answer Sure why not?

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Why are head-phones called head-phones when they are not exactly head PHONES?

well if you talking about the phone parts it because they look like phones and you put them in a ipod or a computer so then it like talks to ya :) i have 1000 head phones

Does sony walkman nwz s616f support wma?

According to the Windows Compatibility Center, the Sony NWZ S616F Walkman, and all other S610F-series products, support security-enhanced WMA. The latest versions of Walkman products are sold with ... Read More »

What is the price of sony ericson w850i head phones?

Does the Sony Walkman MP3 work with iTunes?

The Sony Walkman MP3 player can synch with the iTunes music program as long as the computer you are using to synch the device with the program runs a Microsoft operating system. The Sony Walkman M... Read More »