Does the song, "god is a girl" is against religious people?

Answer God is neither male nor female. and there are religions that are practiced today where some of the deities are you teach in a religious school? then you should probably avoid using the ... Read More »

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Why are religious people against bullying?

I think anyone who believes in a God of Love will be against someone who belittles and demeans another human spirit.Bullying is an emotional assault just like beating someone up is a physical assau... Read More »

What are some religious arguments against adoption by same-sex couples?

Many religious people believe God designed the family as including a man and a woman for various reasons. The chief among these is the furtherance of the human race in a safe, structured environmen... Read More »

How many people know the song Barbie Girl?

Well 17 so far including yourself and the other 16 answers... me? sorry don't know it.have fun

Why are the Republicans against general Health Care What do they have against people who want to be healthy?

Because most of them get paid by their friends who work for the drug companies and others know the sooner we die the sooner we forget their lies and greed I bet they get free health care and then... Read More »