Does the skin of brined turkey get dark?

Answer Yes. Brined turkey is traditionally roasted in a hot oven for three to four hours just as a non-brined turkey would be. The skin of a brined turkey will crisp nicely and get very brown, but is frag... Read More »

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How long does it take brined turkey to cook?

Starting with an oven at 500 degrees F, roast your brined turkey for 30 minutes. Insert a meat thermometer and reduce the oven heat to 350 degrees F. Roast until the thermometer reaches 161 to 165 ... Read More »

Does laser surgery work on dark skin?

On One Hand: Challenging/Side EffectsAccording to Dr. Eric F. Bernstein of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, melanin pigment resides in the surface of our skin in our epidermis and... Read More »

Why does skin turn dark with gold?

Gold jewelry can occasionally cause dark patches on the wearer's skin. This discoloration can be an especially annoying problem if it occurs with a piece of jewelry you plan to wear regularly, such... Read More »

Beauty Tips for Dark Spots on Dark Skin?

Darker skin has more melanin than lighter skin. This brings with it certain advantages, such as the abundance of melanin makes dark skin less susceptible to certain types of sun damage. However, pl... Read More »