Does the size of the object affect the battery life?

Answer The size of an object is not directly related to battery life. Factors affecting battery life include type of battery, frequency of use, frequency of charging (for rechargeable batteries), amount o... Read More »

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In your experience, does the size of a battery indicate the length of its life?

I believe that the life length is indicated by the quality, usability and performance of both the device and the battery.Good Luck ;-)

Does it affect the battery when we use the laptop on ac power even when the battery is fully charged ?

How to Calculate the Size of an Object at a Distance?

The formula used to determine the size of an object at a distance based on the distance and its angular size is known as the small angle formula. You determine the size if you know the distance awa... Read More »

Does water magnify an object's size?

Water itself does not actually magnify the size of an object. However, objects in water appear smaller than those in air because of properties of light. When an object is seen underwater, light ray... Read More »