Does the size of a light bulb affect it's energy use?

Answer Not The size... its the Watts. The more watts you have the hotter and more energy it uses. Unless you go with LED. They are a lil expensive right now but will cost less to run, and last years.

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Does the size of a light bulb affect how much energy it uses?

AnswerThere are two ways to answer this question, depending upon what the questioner means by the "size" of a light bulb. .Size as form factorThe physical size of a light bulb makes no difference ... Read More »

Does the size of a light bulb affect its energy use?

Size has no bearing on the energy consumption of a light bulb. A large 100 watt bulb in a table lamp consumes the same amount of energy as a small 100 watt light bulb in a chandelier.Source:Madsci.... Read More »

Is it okay to use a higher than recommended light bulb wattage if it is a CFL low energy bulb?

The maximum watts requirement has to do with heat. All bulbs give off heat. The higher the wattage, the more heat is created. Complying with the recommendation prevents fires.CFL bulbs are marked w... Read More »

Why is my energy saver (spiral) light bulb flickering even after the light is turned off?

Well, most of the time, when you hear about a CFL bulb flickering, it is happening when the light is turned on, and just not getting enough power to operate - such as when one is placed in a light ... Read More »