Does each camera of the same model have different serial number on it?

Answer Yes, each item of any thing in the same model has a different serial number. It is the only way to tell which camera is which. Or anything else for that model. For instance, all Honda Accord cards ... Read More »

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Does each vegetable have a different growing time?

Vegetables have widely varying growing times. Several plants can start bearing mature, edible vegetables in as little as a few weeks, while others could take months. For example, radishes only take... Read More »

How to Draw the Same Person but with Different Facial Features?

If you want to make a person without erasing or changing the original drawing, here's how.

Can I use two different monitors for my PC at the same time?

Why did someone give my answer a thumbs down when it was not that different to the others?

Get on with your decorating and forget those low life who go around permanently with their thumbs down. They just click away and it may not have anything to do with the sincerity or aptness of your... Read More »