Does the rabies virus offer any immunity?

Answer The immune system will produce antibodies to fight a rabies virus infection. But since death can occur in only two days, the body never develops a full immune response. The Milwaukee protocol devis... Read More »

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Is the avg free anti virus software any good, does it offer any sort of protection?

Yes it offers protection. But it's detection rate is not as high as Avast or Avira. Both of those are better free choices.

Who discovered the rabies virus?

The disease known as rabies has been mentioned in history as early as the third century B.C. However, the virus is too small to be seen through a regular microscope. It was Luis Pasteur in 1881 who... Read More »

How long can the rabies virus live?

The rabies virus can live outside the body for a few seconds, but it can survive inside a dead mammal's body for up to two days. Proper handling of dead animals is necessary to prevent accidental ... Read More »

How long is the rabies virus active?

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, the rabies virus can remain active for two to eight weeks. In very rare cases this incubation period can last up to two years. T... Read More »