Does the quality of the digital pics get lost if i .......?

Answer I don't see how the quality of photos can decrease from making copies, especially with digital. Anyone who says they do should re-evaluate the printing program/printer. Digital photos are the same ... Read More »

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Digital coaxial vs. digital optical, is there a difference in terms of sound quality output?

there are aurguments both ways, but the bottom line is, the difference is minamal at best, and the equipment required to bring out thoses differences is likely way better than what your using (it c... Read More »

How to take studio quality pics of objects at home?

I'm presuming that your object is fairly small. I'm also presuming that you don't want to buy anything to make this work, except for a few simple items.For lighting, you want diffuse light without... Read More »

Lost memory card with pics?

Yes, everyone can see what's in it because I don't think your bf has it encrypted.

Hello, I have a facebook account. I lost all my pis of friends and app pics as well. How can I get them back?

when something is deleted from facebook, there is no way to get it backsorry