Does the quality of the digital pics get lost if i .......?

Answer I don't see how the quality of photos can decrease from making copies, especially with digital. Anyone who says they do should re-evaluate the printing program/printer. Digital photos are the same ... Read More »

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How many pics does 2 GB hold on a digital camera?

What does factor affect the quality of digital camera photo?

Digital coaxial vs. digital optical, is there a difference in terms of sound quality output?

there are aurguments both ways, but the bottom line is, the difference is minamal at best, and the equipment required to bring out thoses differences is likely way better than what your using (it c... Read More »

Does homeowners insurance cover a lost digital camera?

Lost, No. Loosing an item is not a covered cause. There is a way of covering expensive item on a homeowners policy. This is by listing them on an Inland Marine Floater. There are all kinds of items... Read More »