Does the post office have to tell you who sends registered mail?

Answer The United States Postal Service, according to the regulations in the Domestic Mail Manual, Section 503, Subsection 2.4.2, requires that a sender of Registered Mail label the item with the sender's... Read More »

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What happens at the post office?

The post office handles a number of things. Mail is delivered and received and sorted put into post office boxes. It's prepared for shipping in a variety of ways.StampsConsumers purchase postage st... Read More »

Where was the first post office?

The first known post office in the United States was located in New York City, at the corner of William Street and Exchange Place. The post office opened Jan. 1, 1837. The citizens of New York thou... Read More »

Can a post office box be used on W9 forms?

While the W9 form may specifically request a street address, the IRS Employment Tax Department in Oakland, California confirmed that a post office box could be used on W9 forms provided it is your ... Read More »

Post Office Alternatives?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) processed 177 billion pieces of mail in 2009, and its customers paid more to send those letters and packages than in years past. USPS raised the costs of its... Read More »