Does the planet Neptune have mountains?

Answer Neptune is one of the gas giant planets (along with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) located in the outer solar system. These planets have no solid surfaces, so they do not have mountains. They are made... Read More »

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Does Neptune have mountains?

The planet Neptune does not have mountains. This is because the planet does not have a solid surface. The core of the planet consists of molten rock with liquid gases, such as methane. The rest is ... Read More »

Does the planet Neptune have gravity?

Everything in the universe that has mass has gravity, the force the pulls objects toward one another, including Neptune. According to, Neptune has a gravitational pull 1.13 times ... Read More »

Does the planet neptune have an atmosphere?

The planet Neptune does have an atmosphere. According to the website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Scientists believe that Neptune is made up chiefly of hydrogen, helium, w... Read More »

Does Neptune have rings orbiting the planet?

In 1989, images taken by Voyager 2 confirmed the existence of at least nine rings around planet Neptune, which were named: 1989 N3R Galle, 1989 N2R Leverrier, Lassell, Arago, 1989 N1R Adams, Libert... Read More »