Does the perfect pushup help?

Answer On One Hand: There are some benefitsThe Perfect Push Up works with the natural motion of your arm as if you were throwing a punch. This motion trains the tricep muscle in different ways than a trad... Read More »

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What Is the Perfect Pushup 21 Day Program?

The Perfect Pushup 21 Day Program is the complimentary workout program to the Perfect Pushup, designed by former Navy SEAL and BodyRev founder Alden Mills. The program provides three weeks of daily... Read More »

Does the Perfect Pushup work your abs?

The "Perfect Pushup" exercise product can work your abdominal muscles when performing the "ab rippers" exercise described on their website. When performing traditional push ups with the Perfect Pus... Read More »

Who invented the perfect pushup?

The U.S. patent for the Perfect Pushup was granted on July 28, 2009, to Mark B. Friedman, Alden M. Mills, John Holland and Kevan Hollenback. Mills and business partner Friedman started the company ... Read More »

Does perfect pushup work?

On One Hand: Many Great ReviewsThe Perfect Pushup is a piece of equipment invented by a former Navy Seal to help develop strength in the chest, shoulder and arms. The equipment consists of two hand... Read More »