Does the pell grant cover all tuition?

Answer On One Hand: Using a Pell Grant to Pay Tuition ExpensesWhether or not a Pell Grant will cover tuition depends on (1) your eligibility for the grant, (2) the amount awarded to you, (3) whether your ... Read More »

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Does the Federal Pell Grant cover only tuition Can you get extra money?

Jesus:The money for your Pell Grant is sent directly to the school, where they will use it to pay what you owe for tuition and fees. Once you've satisfied your account balance, any remaining funds ... Read More »

Do they automatically take out tuition of Pell Grant?

Yes, the grant money will go straight to the school and the school will use it towards your tuition and fees. If there is any leftover after that the leftover money will be either sent to you or d... Read More »

Does a pell grant cover this?

It doesn't matter if your courses are online or not. The Pell grant amount will be the same. For 09-10 the max Pell grant is 5,350 for the year if you attend full time. (Half of this money in th... Read More »

What does a pell grant cover?

I've been told that the pell grant is basically for books, school supplies, and whatever else you need!