Does the patient lose all her finances to the guardian?

Answer If for some reason you find yourself needing the care of a court appointed guardian you should be assured that the guardian must act solely in your best interest. If you do not trust the person who... Read More »

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Is it appropriate to help with a patient's finances?

On One Hand: Not AppropriateIt is not appropriate for a doctor, nurse or nurse aide to help a patient with his finances. The primary responsibility of these health professionals is to simply provid... Read More »

What makes a cancer patient lose his / her hair?

the drugs are used in cancers affect on the cancerous cells . the cancerous cells have the high growth rate as this result the drugs affect on the cancerous cells and all the other healthy cells th... Read More »

How can someone convince their guardian to let them go somewhere when their guardian is unsure about the idea of letting them go?

um, if it is somewhere were there isn't gonna be any parents, so that's wot their worried about you could get a friend to pretend to be the 'parent' and call then say that yeah yeah, its all gonna ... Read More »

If an Insurance Company pays for services rendered by Doctors Office yet does not post and cash check until after patient has moved on to a new plan is patient still responsible for original payment?

Answer little unclear on who received funds they didn't post or cash, (doc's office has an ins. co. check?) but i believe the answer is this:if you signed forms in a doctor's office that said you a... Read More »