Does the papillon dog breed shed?

Answer The Papillion dog breed does not shed. This lap dog has long, silky hair that can be any combination of colors. The coat needs little care and does not easily mat, according to A Pa... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Papillon Dog?

A Papillon is a small dog with a tiny bone structure of the toy variety. They have long, fine hair, particularly around their ears which stand up straight causing them to sometimes be referred to a... Read More »

How to Raise a Papillon?

The papillon is a toy breed of dog that is closely related to the spaniel. This particular breed of dog is very fragile and needs to be monitored closely. Papillons also require constant grooming t... Read More »

Papillon Agility Training?

Papillons are incredibly high-spirited, energetic dogs, despite their small and dainty appearance. These are dogs that are happiest when on the go. Because of this and their extreme intelligence, p... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in a Papillon?

Papillons are one of the most intelligent and beautiful toy dog breeds. Named for the French word for butterfly, these dogs are meant to be tiny and pretty. However, some papillons have coats that ... Read More »