Does the p5n-e support the pentium 920?

Answer Intel's Pentium D 920 CPU will work with the Asus P5NE motherboard. The motherboard supports Pentium D processors with 800MHz Front Side Bus speeds so the processor will be able to work at full sp... Read More »

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Does a Pentium 2 processor support a USB internal TV tuner card?

USB TV tuner cards are external devices that can be plugged into a USB port on a computer to enable television reception. Whether a computer with an Intel Pentium 2 processor supports a USB TV tun... Read More »

Is a Intel Pentium g640 processor faster than a pentium 4?

Different dimensions. The G640 fits socket 1155, pentium 4s were sockets LGA775, 478, 423. So if you are thinking about this as an upgrade, you'll need a new motherboard and RAM as well as CPU.The... Read More »

Is the Pentium dual-core processor stronger than a Pentium 4?

While the Pentium Dual-Core family, on its release, was a lower class processor than the Pentium 4 was when it came out, the Pentium Dual-Core processors still, in many ways, outperform the Pentium... Read More »

Is the Pentium Dual Core processor stronger than a Pentium 4?

According to the PassMark benchmark result database, which shows average scores obtained from over 200,000 tested computers, the Intel Pentium Dual-Core achieves higher scores in benchmarks than th... Read More »