Does the owner of a condominium also owns the land on which it is built?

Answer AnswerCheck the language on the deed of trust. Usually, all of the owners own the land and parts of the building in common, so no one individual has the right alone to decide anything about it.

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Who owns land on which condominium?

Depending on the details contained in the master deed, the land may be owned by all unit owners in common, or may be owned in a different way. Read your governing documents to determine how the la... Read More »

Who owns the land in a commercial condominium?

In a commercial condominium, land is shared by the people who own individual units within the complex, according to the Business Real Estate Ownership website. Other shared elements in a commercial... Read More »

Can a security guard enter a suite in a condominium along with the owner of the suite which is rented out to a tenant in Ontario?

Generally, landlords can enter tenant-occupied residences given appropriate notice that may be defined in the lease. If the owner chooses to include a security guard with that entry process, the te... Read More »

You sublet a condominium but the owner does not pay the maintenance fee even though you pay rent without a lease?

As a tenant, you can become subject to the vagaries of the owner's responsibilities and apparent unwillingness to stand up for them. The board is chartered with collecting assessments from owners,... Read More »