Does the original drafted Bible ever mention hell?

Answer On One Hand: Terms Pre-dating HellHell, as such, was not a part of early Hebrew thought. The earliest Biblical references to an underworld, often translated as "Hell" in the King James Bible, were ... Read More »

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How to Escape the Condemnation of Hell With the Bible?

You know that you only have one life to live here on Earth. And you would like to prepare now for the after life. It is your personal hope that you will spend eternity with God the Father, and avoi... Read More »

Where is the original Bible?

Original bible manuscripts were written on papyrus, but none survived to this day. The oldest bible in the world is the Codex Sinaiticus, which was penned between the first and fourth centuries. Th... Read More »

What was the original sin in the Bible?

Although the term "original sin" does not appear in the Bible, according to Christian theology, the concept is the loss of innocence in man caused by disobedience to God. The doctrine appears in va... Read More »

How many books are in the original Bible?

The Old Testament, as canonized by Jewish authorities, contains 39 books. Christian authorities, basing themselves on the Greek version of the Old Testament, had 46 books in theirs. During the refo... Read More »