Does the orange oxheart tomato plant bear less fruit than a pink oxheart?

Answer On One Hand: Pink Oxheart TomatoesPink oxheart tomatoes are a very old type of heirloom tomato. Yields are average to good compared to other varieties. "Japanese" is a very good producer. "Hungaria... Read More »

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If you plant the seeds from inside a tomato you buy from the supermarket, will it grow and bear fruit?

They should grow, however they may not produce a tomato that looks like the one you bought. If the tomato you bought is a hybrid or genetically manipulated the plant resulting from the seed plante... Read More »

It's late October and my grape tomato plant is still pumping out fruit. Do I have a magical plant?

For some reason that just reminds of of that big room full of eggs in the movie ALIENS. I suspect that plant is just ploppin' them things out all night long. I suggest you get a flame thrower and t... Read More »

How long does it take for a tomato plant to grow big enough to give fruit?

If you can find plants called "Early Girl" you'll have your first tomatoes in about 90 days

Ive just found a red tomato on my tomato plant should I have it for my breakfast?