Does the oil from car motors present a health hazard to the environment?

Answer Used motor oil from cars is an environmental hazard if it is not disposed of properly. Many government agencies recommend recycling your used motor oil to prevent the pollution and contamination of... Read More »

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5 examples of health hazard and their remedies?

Because if you did operations in an impermissible order, or violated laws of operations, then your solution to the equation is wrong.

Is Wireless technology a health hazard And How?

The answer to this keeps swinging back and forth.One year scientists say constant exposure to wireless is bad, the next year, it's not.However, anything that uses wireless frequencies require FCC a... Read More »

What is the NFPA health hazard rating of ethanol?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA ) provides danger ratings for various substances. Pure ethanol has an NFPA health hazard rating of 2, while 70 percent denatured ethanol has a rating ... Read More »

Are fire extinguishers considered a health hazard?

On One Hand: The Most Common IngredientFire extinguishers most commonly contain sodium bicarbonate as the powder that puts out the fire. Sodium bicarbonate is nontoxic, according to Poli-Seek. Thes... Read More »