Does the nude it app for the iPod touch actually work?

Answer No. Think of it of replacing the person's body with a cutout of another person's. There's only 2 bodies, one for each gender. Both are clothed, obviously.

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Does the Sony TDM-IP1 digital media port iPod dock work with an iPod Touch?

The Sony TDM-IP1 digital media port adapter dock is designed to connect your iPod 5G, 4G, nano and/or Mini to a Bravia home-theater system. There is no officially published compatibility with the i... Read More »

Does siri work on iPod touch?

You hold the home button down until Siri pos up and then ask it what you would like

How does an accelerometer for the iPod touch work?

The accelerometer inside the I-Pod touch uses three elements: a silicon mass, a set of silicon springs, and an electrical current. The silicon springs measure the position of the silicon mass by us... Read More »

Does greenpois0n work on ipod touch 2g mc 4.2.1?

No it only works with 4.1 and other firmwares.There are not alot of 4.2.1 jail breaks yet.