Does the non-custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

Answer Answer By law, you must both go up to the location where they will issue a passport and both parents must sign a statement saying it is okay. If you have documentation that shows you are the custod... Read More »

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Does the non custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

If you want to take the child with you, you will need the other parents permission as well as the courts. But not if it's just you leaving.

Minor child has a passport non-custodial parent with shared legal rights does not want child to leave the country Can non-custodial parent stop the child from leaving?

my sister has full custody of her daughter, however, the father has visitation rights. He calims that as the non custodial parent there's a law that states that he should be the parent to keep her ... Read More »

What could happen if a 16-year-old leaves the custodial parent's house without permission to live with the non-custodial parent?

Answer A lot of problems is what happens. The slighted parent can call the police to have the minor returned, the other parent can be in trouble for allowing the minor to move in when it is a vio... Read More »

Can a divorced non-custodial parent leave the country?

Yes, alone. To take the child along requires written permission of the custodial parent.