Does the negative-calorie diet work?

Answer On One Hand: It Partially WorksThe theory behind the negative-calorie diet is that some foods have so few calories that our bodies actually burn more calories simply by eating the food than we gain... Read More »

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Do negative calorie diets work?

On One Hand: You Lose WeightNegative calorie diets work by restricting your intake to foods that require more energy to chew, digest and process than they provide through sustenance. As a result, y... Read More »

Kidney failure diet & low protein/high calorie diet. Recommendations please?

Hi There DREAMY, Hang on in there precious, and keep the Sincere Prayers and Praises going up to GOD, and He will Keep sending the Blessings Down to You. GOD Loves Praises, In fact He inhabits our ... Read More »

800 calorie diet?

3 lbs/week? Well maybe with some serious daily exercise. But, the odds of you sticking to this plan are nearly zero!How about a more realistic 1200 cals/day, 30 minutes of serious cardio, and 1.5 l... Read More »

Is a 800 calorie diet really that bad for you?

Depending on your size you should be eating about 1200 calories a day (not if your just gonna be sitting on the couch though)