Does the mother of the bride buy a shower gift?

Answer On One Hand: Stick With TraditionThe mother of the bride typically plays a large role in giving traditional gifts to the bride-to-be. The gift from the mother of the bride does not need to be expen... Read More »

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What does the mother of a German bride traditionally shower her daughter with?

German tradition states that family and friends throw rice as the newlyweds leave the church. It's said that the couple will have as many children as the amount of grains of rice that stay in the ... Read More »

Do bridesmaids buy the bride a gift?

Bridal shower etiquette requires that every guest of the bridal shower or bachelorette party buy the bride a gift, including the bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid may individually buy a gift or all of t... Read More »

Are bridesmaids supposed to buy the bride a gift?

A bridesmaid for a wedding may incur many expenses, including but not limited to a wedding gift for the bride and groom. Traditionally, a bridesmaid is expected to provide a gift for the wedding c... Read More »

What does the mother of the bride do?

On One Hand: Getting InvolvedAs the mother of the bride, your daughter may want you involved in all of the wedding planning. Your duties may include helping her pick out her dress and bridesmaid dr... Read More »