Does the morning after pill make you bleed?

Answer The morning after pill may cause a woman to bleed, but this isn't the case for all women. The pills contain progestin or a combination of progestin and estrogen, which are female hormones, and can ... Read More »

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Is it normal to bleed after taking the morning after pill?

On One Hand: Bleeding Can OccurEmergency contraception, also known as the "morning after pill," can prevent pregnancy if taken up to five days after unprotected sex. The side effects from the pill ... Read More »

Does prenatal pills make gain weight Because I heard that it does and if you are taking the morning sickness pill do you still need to take the prenatal pill too?

Doesn't matter, although she might prefer it if he has the strength to be reasonably active during the act.

Can the morning after pill make my period shorter?

On One Hand: No Hard DataThere is no reported scientific evidence that taking the morning after pill will result in shorter periods. According to Princeton University, researchers through early 201... Read More »

Withdrawal bleed from the pill while pregnant?

Well when you are on the pill, you don't really get your "period" as it is just a withdrawal bleed, so if you do get pregnant on the pill, you will still have a withdrawal bleed but it may come a l... Read More »