Does the microsoft surface have internet?

Answer I do not believe they have this type of machine environment has that capability just yet. It is mainly being developed as a standalone tool, and must be programmed for each use.You can get the SDK... Read More »

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Does Microsoft Office Standard 2007 have Microsoft Works with it?

Microsoft Office 2007 Standard does not include Microsoft Works as part of its software suite. Microsoft Office 2007 Standard only includes 2007 versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Mic... Read More »

Does Mars have a face on its surface?

While it may look like Mars has "faces" on its surface, these are not alien structures. They are normal geologic formations called mesas that, because of shadows, look like a face from afar, accord... Read More »

Does Jupiter have liquid water on its surface?

Jupiter does not have water on its surface. According to NASA, Jupiter's surface is composed of dense red, brown, yellow and white clouds, and there may not be a solid surface.Source:NASA: Jupiter

What kind of surface does Neptune have?

Neptune does not have a solid surface. Its surface is made up of hydrogen, helium, water and other minerals called silicates. These swirl and compress in the center of the planet, forming a liquid ... Read More »