Does the medtronic spinal cord stimulator work?

Answer On One Hand: Spinal Cord Stimulators Are EffectiveMedtronic spinal cord stimulators are battery-operated, surgically implanted devices located in a patient's lower back. Numerous published clinical... Read More »

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Should I get a spinal cord stimulator for pain?

On One Hand: Benefits of StimulatorSome of the benefits of the spinal stimulator include effective pain relief. Benefits, according to spinal stimulator manufacturing company Medtronics provide up ... Read More »

Can a manufacturer's representative program a spinal cord stimulator for a physician?

On One Hand: Physician ProgrammingAccording to Boston Scientific, a physician is responsible for implanting the spinal cord stimulator. Surgeons know the specific reasons behind the surgery. Most c... Read More »

Is a spinal cord stimulator better than an intrathecal pump?

On One Hand: Either Method Can Provide Effective TreatmentEither spinal cord stimulators or intrathecal pumps can provide effective relief from chronic pain, according to SpineUniverse. Candidates... Read More »

Does an Ethernet cord work as a phone cord?

While Ethernet cables are capable of carrying phone signals, rigging one up could be complicated. The ends of Ethernet cables are wider than phone cables, meaning you need an adapter, at the very l... Read More »