Does the male or female determine the size of a puppy?

Answer A puppy's potential growth is determined by the breed and size of both parents, According to However, when one parent is big and one small, the mother dog's size is a more important f... Read More »

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How old does a male puppy have to be to impregnate a female?

Dogs are considered capable of producing sperm by 10 months of age; however, depending on the breed, sexual maturity can occur anywhere between six months and two years of age. Larger breeds tend t... Read More »

Does the male or female determine multiple births?

Multiple births depend on several variables, with most of them related to the female, according to Kids Health. Older women and those of African descent are the most likely demographic to have more... Read More »

How do I choose a puppy: male vs. female?

On One Hand: Females Are Stubborn But Less AggressiveFemale dogs tend to be easier to house-train because they are less likely to mark their territory either inside or outside the house. They also ... Read More »

How do I know if a puppy is male or female?

Look between the puppy's legs for testicles and a penis. The sex of a puppy can be guessed by some behavioral traits as well. Male dogs usually lift one leg when urinating while female dogs squat t... Read More »