Does the male or female determine the size of a puppy?

Answer A puppy's potential growth is determined by the breed and size of both parents, According to However, when one parent is big and one small, the mother dog's size is a more important f... Read More »

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How do I know if a puppy is male or female?

Look between the puppy's legs for testicles and a penis. The sex of a puppy can be guessed by some behavioral traits as well. Male dogs usually lift one leg when urinating while female dogs squat t... Read More »

Should I Get a Male or Female Collie Puppy?

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How do I choose a puppy: male vs. female?

On One Hand: Females Are Stubborn But Less AggressiveFemale dogs tend to be easier to house-train because they are less likely to mark their territory either inside or outside the house. They also ... Read More »

Should I Purchase a Male or Female Puppy?

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