Does the length of a USB cable affect the speed.?

Answer No. if you had a 100Ft cable the resistance to electricity in the cable might afect the speed, but even then the usb speed won't matter.Good luck

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How much does the length of a coaxial cable affect picture?

you may ask an antennaman to check your building roof antenna and its distribution system.......on uhf band a coaxial usually has 0.2 db attenuation per meter so for 20 ft becomes 1.2 db which is ... Read More »

Does a cable modem affect speed?

Yes, a cable modem does affect speed. Cable Internet speeds range from 2 Mbps on the lower end to 5 Mbps on the higher end of the spectrum. Cable modems are generally considered to offer some of t... Read More »

What happen if the UTP cable length is longer than maximum length that can be exceed by the cable?

There are many problems associated with that. The worst one is signal attenuation. Your signal will be lost on its way with all consequences. If you want to use UTP for distances longer than 100 m ... Read More »

What cable type has a maximum cable length of 100 meters or 328 feet?

Cat 5/5e/6 cable has a maximum installed length of 100m, but that is a written standard, not an operational maximum.