Does the leaf sweeper work?

Answer On One Hand: Yard Sweeper's EfficiencyTwo types of leaf or yard sweepers are available: push and tow behinds. According to, both types save homeowners plenty of time when cl... Read More »

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Does swivel sweeper really work?

On One Hand: Lightweight and Easy to UseThe Swivel Sweeper has a head that can turn 360 degrees to reach hard-to-clean areas. It easily picks up dust and pet hairs and glides easily over carpet, ha... Read More »

What does 1 leaf inner/1 leaf outter of lettuce mean?

Pretty well none. It's not even mentioned in my calorie book.

What does Spy Sweeper do?

Spy Sweeper is spyware software developed by Webroot that protects your system from spyware. Spy Sweeper quarantines suspicious files that it finds on your system so that you can remove them as nec... Read More »

Does spy sweeper protect firefox?

Spy Sweeper offers real-time spyware protection for Firefox. It also offers protection for Internet Explorer. The minimum version of Firefox that you must have installed is version 2.0, while Inter... Read More »