Does the law require medical professionals to report elder abuse?

Answer The law requires medical professionals to report elder abuse. State laws may vary slightly, but all health care providers must report known, as well as suspected, abuse of a vulnerable adult. The a... Read More »

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Schools for Medical Professionals?

Depending on what branch of medicine they practice, professionals in the field attend school for as little as two years or as many as four, often having to log more time in post-grad residencies an... Read More »

Does disability insurance require a medical exam?

Code of Ethics for Medical Professionals?

The goal of medical professionals is to return a patient to a normal state of health. In attempting to do this, a medical professional might take steps, while attempting to help a patient, that app... Read More »

When does a hammer smashed finger require medical attention?

Biggest worry with broken skin is infection. keep it clean covered and maybe a topical antibiotic.If after 3 days there is any swelling, pain, redness or discoloration,and no sign of improving, it ... Read More »