Does the jitterbug cell phone actually work?

Answer On One Hand: The Jitterbug WorksThe Jitterbug cell phone is designed for senior citizens. It has a large keypad and 24-hour access to operators who will assist the subscriber. It also allows the us... Read More »

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Does a Jitterbug cell phone work in northern New Hampshire?

According to the Jitterbug coverage map, the Jitterbug cellular phone will work in the western part of northern New Hampshire, and not the eastern part. Jitterbug does state that "if you have cover... Read More »

What is a Jitterbug cell phone?

Jitterbug is a cellular carrier that offers straightforward, easy-to-understand cell phones and cell phone plans. The company's flip phones feature a standard phone keypad with large, easy-to-read ... Read More »

Is Firefly or Jitterbug the best cell phone for elderly people?

On One Hand: Jitterbug Designed For Baby BoomersThe same company that provides service for the Jitterbug also manufactures it---which allowed them to design it with the elderly in mind. The Jitterb... Read More »

Will a SIM card from an American cell phone work in a cell phone from Canada?

It is possible for a SIM card from an American cell phone to work in a cell phone from Canada. For the SIM card to work, the GSM network from the American cell phone must operate at the same freque... Read More »