Does the ipod touch already come with songs on it?

Answer No.

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How can I add songs to an Ipod Nano that already had songs on it with out erasing the contents of the ipod.?

hi marleyfu! u need to have the "manage music and videos manually" option selected in itunes - try this:1. open itunes then plug ur ipod into ur computer.2. once u plug ur ipod into ur computer, it... Read More »

How to Add Songs to Your iPod Touch Without Deleting the Ones You Already Have?

The iPod Touch is a portable media device that plays a wide variety of audio files. You can add songs onto the iPod Touch by syncing the player with the iTunes software program. If you try to sync ... Read More »

How come only some of my songs are 'clickable' on my ipod touch?

You didn't have to sync to put music on your iPod - you can set the iPod to be manually managed for music and video, then drag them from their folder on your HD to the iPod music tab on the side of... Read More »

Does the iPod touch come with headphones and mic?

3 hours straight is not good but it wont ruin your ears. Try not to listen to headphones all day. This will hurt your ears.