Does the iphone 3g support bluetooth headphones?

Answer Yes, the Apple iPhone 3G supports wireless Bluetooth headphones. Refer to the user manual packaged with your Bluetooth headphones for specific instructions on how to connect them to your iPhone.Sou... Read More »

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Can an iPhone stream music to Bluetooth headphones?

The original iPhone did not support stereo Bluetooth headphones. Any iPhone that is running version 3.0 of the iPhone software, however (which includes all original iPhone 3G and 3GS models) can st... Read More »

Which bluetooth headphones work with iphone 2g?

If you are saying :Is it possibe?Then,yesIf you are asking:Will you get a ticket?I don't think so.(THINK)

If I am listening to internet radio on my computer through my Bluetooth headphones and I get a phone call on my iPhone will my headphones be able to answer the phone call?

Not unless the headphones are equipped with a microphone. Hands-free headsets contain both a speaker & a microphone. Bluetooth headphones (for listening to music) don't normally incorporate a micro... Read More »

Does the iPhone bluetooth headset work with iPhone 3gs?

Yes, Because usually the 3GS got more upgraded system that will allow you to use any Bluetooth Headset.