Does the iphone 3g have a qwerty keyboard?

Answer The iPhone 3G has a touchscreen or "soft" QWERTY keyboard. Instead of physical keys, the keyboard is displayed on a touch-sensitive screen, with each key "press" mapped to a different portion of th... Read More »

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Does the TI-83 calculator have a qwerty keyboard?

The Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator does not have a QWERTY keyboard. While the calculator does have secondary letter functions for the buttons, the letters are arranged in alphabetical ... Read More »

Does the Samsung Eternity have a QWERTY keyboard?

The Samsung Eternity has an onscreen QWERTY keyboard that is accessible in portrait and landscape modes. The full-touchscreen cell phone also has a 3.0-megapixel camera and 200 MB of built-in memor... Read More »

Does the qwerty computer keyboard have a square root sign?

There is not one directly on the keyboard, but as long as you have a right numeric keypad, you can still create one.These are called Alt Codes. For the square root sign, click on someplace that yo... Read More »

Why do we have a QWERTY keyboards instead of a ABCDEF keyboard?

back when they originally designed the keyboard, they designed it in a way that would slow people down on purpose.. the reason for this was because the old fashioned type-writers would jam if you ... Read More »