Does the ipad2 lose everything in it when it's updated to 5.1.1?

Answer I did not lose anything when updating, but always make sure you have a backup.

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When you "defragment your computer" Do i lose all of my photos and everything i have saved?

no it just rearranges and organizes .. it doesnt delete things ..

My computer updated to an old version and everything on screen became huge?

Take a deep breath because what happened isn't all that bad...unless something really bad happened to cause your computer to shut down improperly in which case, recommence sweating! If you haven't... Read More »

My android market updated today but everything seems the same so what is the deal?

If that happened to me personally, I'd probably ask her who was tracking them. If she knows the content, she must know the people doing it pretty darn well. Also, I suspect I might develop better t... Read More »

When reformatting a hard drive do you lose everything on the drive?

You lost everything. And I am so sorry for your loss!