Does the internet tax freedom act mean i don't have to collect tax?

Answer On One Hand: Collect State TaxesThe Internet Tax Freedom Act does not mean internet sellers do not have to collect taxes. Presently, e-commerce businesses owe state taxes on items sold to customers... Read More »

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What does freedom of petition mean?

The right to appeal directly to the government was one of the issues of the American Revolution. The American patriots fought long and hard for the freedom of petition.IdentificationFreedom of peti... Read More »

How do i get internet if i dont have a phone or cable?

If I dont have a computer can I still get internet service?

Yeah....... Internet isn't your computer it's a cable thing lawl.

Can you text on the iPhone if you dont have a internet plan?

Because (if you haven't heard) "There's an app for that too!" Handsome shape design, superb technology, operation smoothly, top hardware configuration and rich application.