Does the inches of your TV affect your light bill?

Answer yes a bigger tv would consume more electricity than a smaller one because u need more electricity to power all the wires and the bigger bulb that is needed to produce more pixels. so the 67" would ... Read More »

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How does having a pool affect your monthly water bill?

Answer Once you've filled your pool, and taken that one time hit, there will be some routine water usage to replace water lost by evaporation. It is possible to get enough rain to replace it, so th... Read More »

How can you gain 5 inches on your booty and lose 2 inches of your waist line Info on your body You are C34 25 35 135 POUNDS?

You should do an adequate amount of leg and glute workouts such as lunges and squats; but try variety there are many different types of lunges and many different types of squats. For your waistline... Read More »

How much was your light bill this month ?

About 65.00 but we have a very small house and we heat with gas

If you use Wi-Fi on your Iphone does it charge your bill?