Does the iPod cause addiction to music?

Answer On One Hand: Music Can Be CatchyPop music is crafted in such a way that melodies get stuck in a listener's head. Songs are purposefully designed to make people want to listen again and again. If a ... Read More »

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When you restore an iPod on a Windows from a Mac does it erase the music that is already on the iPod?

When you restore an iPod it will wipe all data saved on it.Yeah

How to Overcome a Music Addiction?

If you're always listening to music, it's safe to say that you're a big fan. However, if you find it hard to remove your earphones from your ears or feel incomplete without them on, you could say t... Read More »

Does Rap Music Cause Teens to Perform Bad Behaviors?

On One Hand: Research Suggests Music Connected to BehaviorResearch studies suggest a relationship between certain types of music and bad behaviors. In 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics issue... Read More »

Does more music on iphone 4 cause it to go slower?