Does the iPod 4 and the iPhone 4 use the same charger?

Answer to put it simply, yes.

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Can you use an iPhone charger to charge an iPod?

The iPhone and the iPod use the same cable to charge. The cord has a USB plug-in at one end and a thin bar at the other that fits into the charging slot on the iPhone or iPod.References:Apple: iPho... Read More »

If you connect your 30GB ipod video to your firewire adapter and wall charger 5DC volts 0.67A will it do nothing charge your iPod or ruin your ipod?

A firewire connection wil charge your video iPod perfectly.

You were charging your iPhone suddenly you saw smog coming out of the iPhone where charger pin is in iPhone What do you need to do?

Will an iPod touch charger fit an iPod shuffle?