Does the iPhone have to have signal for the internet to work?

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Does the iPhone 4S have wireless internet?

Yes, it's called wifi. You need to have a router that provides a wireless signal or go somewhere that has a wifi hotspot to be able to use the wireless internet, which is the cheapest option (usual... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4S have faster internet?

Does iPhone 4 have free internet?

No, The iPhone 4 has to be bought with a contract from att or maybe Verizon sometime soon and requires a special data plan 15$ for 200mb a month and 25$ for 2gb a month and sadly no unlimited anymo... Read More »

Does iphone internet have parental controls?

The original Iphone did not include an Internet parental control feature. Beginning with OS 3.0 versions of the Iphone, however, you can access Internet parental controls by selecting "Settings," t... Read More »