Does the iPhone have conference calling?

Answer The Apple iPhone has a conference call feature. According to, you merge the calls together after you dial the numbers. You can remove a caller, add another line or block one call from the... Read More »

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What is web conference calling?

Web conferences allow members of a company to hold a meeting, view a presentation or have an informal conference from remote locations. It allows for steady data transmission, ensuring that compani... Read More »

When was conference calling invented?

Conference calling was invented by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) in the early 1960's. The device, known as the Picturephone, launched the concept of conference calling as it is currently ... Read More »

When did conference calling start?

The idea of the conference call originated around 1956 with the development of the picture phone. The picture phone set allowed you to see whom you were talking to on the phone with a small screen.... Read More »

Was conference calling around in the 1980s?

An unrefined video conference system called Picturephone was tested in 1956, but modern video conference calling was invented in 1964, when AT&T introduced the first video conference-capable teleph... Read More »