Does the iPhone 4 have voice activated gps?

Answer Yes, C-Spire is GSM

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How to Compare a Voice-Activated Garmin GPS?

A leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, Garmin offers a variety of GPS systems ranging in size from hand-held on up, according to its website. Several GPS models allow user-activate... Read More »

My Sprint Iphone isn't activated! HELP!?

Kneegro get rid of that junk amd invest in a android.

How can you release an iPhone 4S that is not activated from AT and T so you can use it outside of the US?

Siri! [speaks English (US+UK+Aus), French, German, and Japanese and more coming soon!]Twice as fast A5 processor that almost NEVER crashes... trust me!8 mega pixel camera + 1080p video recording + ... Read More »

Can you unlock an iphone activated with at and t?