Does the iPhone 4 have 4g capabilities?

Answer The Iphone 4 doesn't have 4G compatibilities

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Does the iPhone 4S have 4G capabilities?

The iPhone 4S is 4G enabled to work in the USA.

What can you do if your iPhone loses calling and text capabilities?

Well, it depends on your responsibility level. Example. My daughters friend is 10 (the same age as my daughter). She has an Iphone and knows how to take care of it. However, my daughter is not read... Read More »

The different capabilities of a 3-D Printer?

No. I tried to print a full-sized space shuttle, but it didn't work.

Bluetooth capabilities for your computer?

At any retail store that sells iPhone cases, so generally everywhere. Wal-Mart would be the best place to look, as well as places like Target, Meijers, Sam's Club, etc., and most malls have stores/... Read More »